2020 Missions to Washington DC

 Flying to DC is our mission, honoring the Veteran is our passion.
Patriot Flight has retained all of the applications we have received for the cancelled May and October flights for 2020 and apply these requests to our next scheduled flight.  We anticipate it will be in late April or early May of 2022.  Since we already have more applications than we had anticipated for that flight, we will be trying to secure more seats than the usual 100 for our next trip.  If we are not able to do so, we will have to use our priority system which favors WWII, Korean and Vietnam era vets. 
Applications received that exceed our limit will be applied to the next Patriot Flight, which we anticipate will be scheduled for Fall 2022. 


We put together an itinerary for the day.  We will arrange the times but traditionally we start at the WW II Memorial, then to Korean/Vietnam/Lincoln Memorial, then the Air Force, then Iwo Jima and end at the Arlington Cemetery with the Changing of the Guard.  Then to a Golden Coral for Dinner and to the BWI Airport.  We have lunch on the bus from the airport to the WW II Memorial.
Stay tuned for more info

Patriot Flight Staff