New Applications and for Fall 2023
New Email address for Application Submissions

The Patriot Flight Board 
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Please note that you must have a valid, government issued, photo id (passport, driver’s license, non-driver id) to fly.

Veterans Application:   Click here to download the Veterans Application Vet-Applic-2023 04_30pplication
Are you a World War II, Korean War or Vietnam War veteran or do you know of one who has not been to the memorial in Washington DC?  Then we are here to help!

Twice a year we send World War II, Korean War or Vietnam War veterans (free of charge) on a one day trip to see their respective memorial. With the assistance of the Honor Flight Network, we fly veterans to Washington, DC for the day.

What to bring on each trip:

  • Any medication that you will need, either prescription or over the counter. If it is prescription medication, please be sure to bring it in the original bottle from the pharmacy. Depending on the medication, the TSA can require this.
  • Cash / Credit cards.  Your trip has been paid for in full. However, if you wish to purchase souvenirs on your own, then you will need to bring cash / credit cards.
  • Photo ID for the TSA. This can be a valid, state issued driver or non-driver id, Valid US passport, valid / current military id.
  • If the veteran requires oxygen during the trip, please call us at 518-872-0812 to discuss arrangements.

Have more questions, please go to our frequently asked questions page, or contact us.

We are a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) Corporation and we rely on donations and volunteers to keep our mission going. Please help us by donating to our cause? Click here.

Email your completed application to: Patriot Flight Applications

Click Here to download the Guardian Application Guardian Application 30APRIL2023

Patriot Flight would not be successful without the generous support of our Guardians. Guardians play a significant role on every trip, ensuring that every veteran has a safe and memorable experience. Duties include, but are not limited to, physically assisting the Veterans at the airport, during the flight and at the memorials.

Guardians are also responsible for their own expenses (transportation, meals, t-shirt, etc.). A Guardian fee is used to offset the cost of travel, meals and supplies for the Guardians. The current Guardian Donation is $450. This Donation only helps to offset the actual travel and expenses for the Guardians.

We normally have a waiting list for those wishing to serve as a Guardian.

If after reading the above , you would like to be considered as a Guardian for Patriot Flight, please download, complete and mail the Guardian application to the address on the form. Do Not send the fee until notified of a flight assignment.