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Respect+Honor=Memories of a Lifetime for Veterans


Your donation will help transport veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials. Our top priority is our nation’s most senior heroes. World War II veterans waited patiently for over 65 years for a memorial that recognizes their service and accomplishments. The World War II Memorial also recognizes the ultimate sacrifices of their friends who never made it home. Similarly, Korean and Vietnam Veterans have been waiting for years to see their memorial as well. They ALL deserve this one last opportunity to visit America’s “Thank You.”

Tours are simply not possible without public support. Prior to the Honor Flight Network, our veterans had given up all hope of ever seeing their Memorials. Now they have hope… but time is not on our side.

The time to act is NOW!

In another 5-7 years almost all of our World War II veterans will be gone. This tour is their “last hurrah” – the last time they will be recognized as the conquering victors that collectively and literally saved the world. To this day most of Europe is free, most of the Pacific is free and America is free. This freedom came at a very high cost. We can never repay them for what they’ve done. An “Honor Flight Tour” is simply a small token of our appreciation for everything they’ve done. Throughout their Honor Flight Network tour, the Veterans are thanked, recognized and admired for their service. They come home personally knowing how much their country loves them and respects them. Veterans will never forget this gratitude and adoration.

Please help us rewrite this final chapter of their lives. Our American Veterans deserve nothing less. Equal priority is given to any terminally ill veteran who has never visited their Memorials. If America thought it was important to build a memorial to their service and sacrifice, Honor Flight Network believes it’s important for them to visit their memorial before it’s too late.

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