Mission Booklet Advertising Prices Flight September 29, 2018 8/28/18
Page Size 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 = 1 page Cost of Ad
 1/8 Business Card – Well Wish / Memoriam $60
In Book 1/4 Page in Book $80
In Book 1/2 Page in Book $120
In Book 3/4 Page in Book $200
In Book Full Page $250
Front 1/2 Inside $160
Front FULL Inside $300
Back 1/2  Inside $160
Back FULL Inside $300
Back  FULL Outside Veteran’s photo
Deadline for Ads – September 21, 2018
Bruce @ 795-0665  bdmendini@yahoo.com
Lois   @ 732-2793   Lwilson315@nycap.rr.com
Frank @ 439-9265  formservice@aol.com
Checks Payable to:   Patriot Flight Inc
     PO Box 190  Delmar NY 12054


***********************************THANK YOU***********************************************************

The continued good works of Patriot Flight depends upon the ongoing generosity of patriotic individuals, businesses and organizations. It’s only through your financial support that our World War II and Korean veterans gain the means to make that once-in-a-lifetime flight to visit their memorial in Washington, D.C. Consider making a tax deductible investment in something that will profoundly touch the lives of those who sacrificed so much for us all. Various sponsorship opportunities offer different levels of investment, recognition and benefits. All donations are greatly needed, sincerely appreciated, and rewardingly used. Thank you in advance for your compassionate contribution.

The cost of sending one Veteran to visit the memorials in Washington, DC is $380, and we need your help. It is through the support of people like you that make this mission possible.

A donation of six dollars buys one of our Veterans his lunch.
Every donation is a valued gift.

Donations for Patriot Flight Inc. can be sent via check or paypal. Please use our donation page to fill out all of the necessary information for you welcomed donation.

If you would like to send a donation by mail, you can send your check, made payable to Patriot Flight Inc. and mail it to:

Patriot Flight Inc.
PO Box 190
Delmar NY 12054




All donations to our federal, not-for-profit, 501(c) (3) organization are tax deductible. Contributors should consult their tax advisor concerning the financial benefits of making such a donation.

Patriot Flight, Inc. is a nonprofit organization.

Freedom is still expensive

It still costs money, it still cost blood

It still calls for courage and endurance,

Not only in soldiers, but in every man and woman

Who is Free and who is determined to remain Free

Harry S. Truman